Carrie Jachnuk-Hargraves, MA
Voice Teacher
Colorado Springs, CO  (719) 531-0056

Career Reviews

"Carrie Jachnuk’s impassioned Maria is vocally splendid and endearing." - Ray Loynd, Los Angeles Times

"Carrie Jachnuk is beautifully cast as Maria in West Side Story for both acting and singing." - LA Weekly

"Compared to Judy Garland’s Dorothy, Jachnuk demonstrated equal acting abilities and a more refined voice." - Roger Hayden, Grants Pass Daily Courier

"Carrie Jachnuk, with her outstanding soprano voice and youthful exuberance, delighted everyone with her dynamics and vocal instrument." - Ginny Mancini, Society of Singers

"The crowd went ga ga for Jachnuk , her voice transformed the room. Jachnuk’s rendition of 'Memory' made you forget such greats as Andrews." - Mario Cotruvo, Commuter Times

"Carrie is wonderful as Magnolia, bringing depth and reality to what could be a hackneyed role." - Peggy O’Hara, Orange City News

"Carrie Jachnuk is the sweetly innocent Cunegonde, her voice well able to scale the heights demanded by the show piece, ‘Glitter and Be Gay'" - Beverly Summo, Culver City Rancho-Cheviot


"Jachnuk especially stands out with fierce intelligence and passion complemented by a lovely singing voice as the daughter who asks her father’s blessing rather than his permission to marry." - Cathy De Mayo, Los Angeles Times

"Petite Carrie Jachnuk has a dream of a voice that blends well with the strong rich vocals of Stephen Zinnato… they have captured the character of Magnolia and Ravenal, particularly in the lovely romantic ballad, 'You Are Love,' which is exquisitely sung by the pair." - Maxine Reese, The Enterprise

"Carrie Jachnuk as Hodel is marvelously cast… Jachnuk especially brings anguish when she sings, 'Far From the Home I Love.'" - Peggy O’Hara, Orange City News

"Carrie Jachnuk’s concert is enchanting and delightful. She is a magnificent singer. This incredible performer comes to us from Los Angeles where she has already won praise and acknowledgement for her beautiful voice, sparkling personality and dynamic acting. Her varied repertoire of musical theater, light opera and current songs make her a ‘real find’ to clubs, companies and Broadway shows." - Sun City Reporter (Starbright Theater), Las Vegas, NV

"Please accept my warmest congratulations for your win in the 38th Annual Artists of the Future Voice Contest held by the Performing Arts Division of the Cultural Affairs Dept., City of Los Angeles. I join with your colleagues and friends in expressing pride in your accomplishments." - Mayor Tom Bradley, Los Angeles