Carrie Jachnuk-Hargraves, MA
Voice Teacher
Colorado Springs, CO  (719) 531-0056


Carrie Jachnuk-Hargraves, MA
Voice Teacher
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 531-0056
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"My name is Sophia Phillips and I have been taking vocal lessons from Carrie since I was 13 years old. Carrie has helped me explore my vocal abilities and progress as a singer, as well as help me explore myself as a person and find a deep passion for the art of music. Without Carrie by my side, I would not be the exceptionally confident and talented young woman I am today. Carrie's best quality, BY FAR, is her ability to have a deeply loving, warm and approachable personality, while also thriving as one of the best vocal coaches around. I cannot thank Carrie enough for all she has done for my vocal career as well as coaching me throughout my teenage years. Carrie is one of the strongest and most talented women I know. Words cannot describe what she has inspired inside of me and executed in my vocal career." - Sophia Phillips, Singer/College Student, Colorado Springs, CO

"When it comes to my recommedation of Carrie as a vocal teacher, it’s not all about her unique and versatile vocal skill set. It’s not all about her years of technical vocal training. It’s not even all about the various leading roles she has had in numerous musical theater productions. When it comes to Carrie, what it’s really about, what really sets her apart, all comes down to the type of person she is; a caring and compassionate spirit with a generous heart. Her enthusiasm for teaching and her passion for singing, make her a valuable asset to any person, young or old, who is serious about taking their vocal training to the next level. She combines professional technicality with inspiring creativity to bring out the best in every one of her students. For me personally, I consider Carrie a mentor, but more importantly, I consider her a friend." - Matthew Andrade, Audio Engineer and Musician, Los Angeles, CA

"I am a hard rock vocalist. Carrie was able to teach me the important technical aspects of classical singing, while also giving me great instruction on how to inflect style into my performance. For me, her teaching goes far beyond the nuts and bolts of technical singing. She also taught me so much about performing." - Sam Zinn, Singer and Professional DJ, Denver, CO

"It’s the special people who help you along the way and care enough to give of themselves unconditionally. Thank you Carrie for being one of those special people." - Jeremy Green, Musician and Recording Artist, Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for taking my daughter on as a student. Your words of encouragement to her mean so much. But I also really liked how you gave her pointers on how to do better and also encouraging confidence in the facials! Awesome! We really want and value your professional advice. Your warmth and style are just so refreshing. I also appreciate your flexibility on fitting her time slot in your schedule." - Todd Hickerson, Colorado Springs, CO

"Carrie helped me develop my stage presence, she boosted my confidence, and really helped develop my ability to transition from chest to head voice. I started out a singer who had to turn her back to the crowd and turned into a singer who felt confident enough in her own skin to conquer the world! She also made a positive impact on my daughter, who was also a student. Carrie helped to create memories my daughter and I will share forever! Thank you, Carrie, for developing and fostering the love of singing in Hunter and in myself! You are the best! :)" - Julie Colangelo, Singer & Owner of Soccer Buddies Program, Colorado Springs, CO

"I just want to say thank you so much for the time you have invested in me over the past almost two years. You are a wealth of knowledge and I have been blessed to be able to learn from you. You have changed my life in a huge way. Beyond teaching vocal skills and technique - you have helped me reclaim something that was traumatic and negative in my past. I’m so grateful and I hope that I am able to inspire and guide my students the way you have for me!" - Laura Bergen, Dance Teacher/Musical Theater Director, STARZ Theater Company, Colorado Springs, CO

"I have been going to Carrie for about a year and a half now and she is FABULOUS! She has pushed me in the realm of musical theatre and has given me advice on everything from vocal technique to what I should do to further my career. I love working with her so much and HIGHLY recommend." - Carly Simpson, Student, Colorado Springs, CO

"I started taking voice lessons with Carrie my sophomore year of high school and continued up until the end of my senior year. When I first started lessons, I had little to no performance skills, low confidence while singing and little range. With Carrie's help, I gained the confidence and singing skills I needed to perform at small school concerts, and my range expanded. Carrie also forms great relationships with her students. Not only was she my teacher, but also someone I trusted and looked up to. She is kind, and truly cares about her students' well being. I highly encourage working with Carrie! She teaches great techniques that are easy to understand and continue to practice on your own. She has helped me transform into a confident performer as well as fueled my passion for music and singing!" - Lola Kuehn, college student, Oroville, CA

"Thank you so much for these past few years. I have grown so much as a singer and a person. I will really miss our lessons and talks when I'm in college. I will continue to sing and use the skills you taught me for years to come. Thank you for being a great teacher and mentor. Please visit me if you come to Cali!" - Laura Valko, UC Irvine, CA

"I am a professional singer and went in search of a voice coach that was experienced and sensitive. Carrie Hargraves is all and more. Her stage and film experience is so helpful when dealing with performance issues. Carrie is technically trained and has greatly helped me expand my range and build my confidence as a singer! Plus she is a really nice person:)" - Lissa Hanner, Professional Country Singer, Guffey, CO

"Carrie has been so much more than the best voice coach we could have possibly asked for!  My daughter started taking lessons from her at the age of 13 and not only has her confidence and talent soared, but Carrie has been like a big sister and ray of light during the difficulties of being a teenager. There were countless times I would drop off Sophia at her lesson in a rotten mood, and when I picked her up, she was smiling, excited, and talking about how much she loved Carrie. My daughter has now graduated high school and will be heading off to college, but she looked forward to singing with Carrie and chatting about life every single time she had a lesson.  We cannot thank her enough for being such a bright spot in our daughter’s world and teaching her everything she will ever need to know about singing. As a voice coach, mentor, and friend, Carrie has been one of the most influential adults in my daughter's life." - Kelly Phillips, Colorado Springs, CO

"I have been with Carrie for over 4 years and she has helped me with countless auditions! She is not only amazing with helping with pitch, but also with the performance. She has inspired me to continue doing theater, even though I only thought it was going to be a high school hobby. And she always pushes me to be a better performer and to always be on top of practicing. I have grown immensely with Carrie and have improved my range as well as my performance!" - Lilly Horn, Theater Major, UCCS

"We were next door neighbors to Carrie when we found out she taught voice lessons, so we signed our daughter up. What a great decision, it was a fantastic experience for our daughter. Her self-esteem went sky high. Our daughter has Down Syndrome and Carrie was very helpful to her and quite patient. We moved out of state, our daughter misses her lessons and her friendship with Carrie. We have not found a teacher with the same level of caliber as Carrie. CARRIE WE MISS YOU!!!" - Julie and Rolando Fierro, Utah

"I have been a singer all my life. Unfortunately, I began having panic attacks as a senior in high school. And my singing world came crashing down. At the age of 32, I was determined to 'get back on the horse.' And thus discovered Carrie! I was a nervous wreck the first time I met her for a lesson. However, Carrie made all my worries melt away. Never once did I feel undue pressure from her. In fact, all I ever felt from her was pure kindness, acceptance, and genuine friendship! She wanted to get to know my abilities as a singer AND as a human being. Carrie is a wonderful teacher and mentor. And all she exudes is honesty, cheer and class. I highly recommend her as a teacher to young and old alike!" - Hilary Lynch-Mitchell, Tomah, WI

"One of my all time favorite movies is Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany's." There is a line in that movie that goes, "Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot." I cannot think of anyone it applies to better than you. Thank you for giving me a place to just have fun, sing and decompress and thank you for your help with my auditions and encouraging my love for musical theater. You are patient, caring and encouraging - everything that makes an incredible teacher!" - Lauren Asselin, College Student, Denver University

"You have been such a positive, encouraging and influential teacher for Allie. She has learned so much from you and has grown tremendously this past year. You have given her the confidence and knowledge that she will definitely apply in all her future opportunities! You have had such a great influence on her, sharing your wisdom, talent and experiences. We truly have been blessed knowing you. Thank you again for everything. We are so thankful for you!" - Amy & Allie Seibel, Pine Creek High School, Colorado Springs, CO

"Carrie has been a wonderful vocal teacher to my daughter for the last two years. Not only does she work on her form and the technical aspects of voice training, but Carrie also gives my daughter the opportunity to explore and sing different types of vocal music that she wouldn't have found on her own. Left to her own devices, my daughter would only concentrate on pop hits from Frozen and Taylor Swift. Carrie encourages her when she chooses those songs to work on, but she also introduces her to many different types of vocal music which is invaluable and has led to some spectacular talent show performances. Carrie is pretty much awesome and Colorado Springs is lucky to have her!" - Rachel Hull, Colorado Springs, CO

"Carrie is a true professional. She is very committed to helping you become the best that you can be. She helped me become a more confident singer and taught me exercises to improve and protect my voice. Every lesson was a positive learning experience that helped me grow to become a more confident music teacher. Carrie is an amazing teacher! I truly enjoyed each lesson spent with her." - Julie McGranahan, Music Teacher, Denver, CO

"Carrie has not only helped me improve with my voice, but also my confidence. I used to be so quiet and now I am not afraid to sing out. This new confidence has carried over into my life as well. Carrie is to thank for that. Without her I would not be where I am at now with my voice. Carrie cares so much about her students and helping them do their best and she has helped me improve so much. Thanks Carrie!" - Whitney Mortenson, Singer, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you so much for everything you have taught me this year! I can't even express how much I miss your vocal expertise and guidance! Whenever I start to have vocal problems, I try my best to remember what you taught me and it helps every time." - Bree Lefler, Professional Country Singer, Nashville, TN

"Finding the perfect voice teacher is close to an impossible task, but after my first lesson with Carrie, I realized I found her. My vocal power and range has improved dramatically with Carrie's help. She has not only taught me proper technique and performance, she inspired confidence in me. Thank you for always listening, understanding, and giving advice. I greatly value every minute!" - Yulia Shtanko, Singer/Student, Colorado Springs, CO

"When I started taking lessons from Carrie I was embarrassed to sing in front of others and I didn't believe I could ever have a beautiful singing voice, but Carrie helped me to find my voice and now singing for others is one of the greatest joys in my life. Carrie is warm, approachable, and encouraging, and she offers helpful instruction in a way that builds up her students and gives us the confidence we need to take our singing to the next level. I'm so grateful for Carrie and the amazing gift she has given me in teaching me to sing!" - Laura Powell, Professional Choral Singer, Atlanta, GA

"Your support and advice over the last 3 years has been overwhelming and you have been such a positive light in my life. Thank you!" - Joseph Davis, student, Colorado Springs, CO

"A friend of mine referred me to Carrie for vocal lessons for my daughter Braeden about the time she was in middle school. Being a musician myself, I had experience with parents referring teachers they thought were good, only to realize that all are not created equal! From the very first time we met I knew that Carrie was the real deal! My daughter saw Carrie for lessons about every other week for almost 5 years. I saw the musical growth in my daughter and have enjoyed many a performance since. Carrie recognized what Braeden needed and helped her excel in all her roles, not just in singing but in theater. My daughter absolutely loves her. Carrie and her family have been a joy to have in our lives and I consider them my family. I write this letter in hopes that if you too are in need of a great vocal teacher, you will need to look no further than Carrie. As long as you are ready to commit and dedicate yourself to music and all its wonder, because that's what she will expect, then I guarantee you will thank yourself." - Gregory Danyow, Colorado Springs, CO

"Confidence. I always loved to sing, but never really had the gut too. Carrie Hargraves gave me the confidence and technical ability to sing the music that I enjoyed and loved! I couldn't thank her enough for what she has done for me. Thank you Carrie!" - Malcolm Caldwell, Singer, Colorado Springs, CO

"When I took voice lessons from Carrie, what I loved about her the most was that she supported my desire to use my voice to the best of my ability. I don't believe I have natural talent, but to her, she helped me believe in myself and taught me self-confidence, a gift that I could never repay her for. She's one of the most talented vocalists I have ever met, she sings like an angel, and she is modest, which makes me like her more." - Brenda Grulke, Psycotherapist, Milwaukee, WI

"Thank you so much for your profound impact professionally and personally." - Dan Howell (aka Dragontown Dan), Singer, Alice Cooper Impersonator, Professional Videographer, Colorado Springs, CO

"Ms. Carrie, I can’t explain how lucky I am to be learning from someone as great as you. And I’m not only learning how to sing, you’ve also taught me to stand up for myself and to always look on the bright side of life. I just wanted to say thank you." - Jackie Ochoa, Singer and Student, Colorado Springs, CO

"I could write a whole essay about Carrie. There’s so much I want to say! She has helped me improved my pitch and transitioning/using my head voice. I’ve learned a technique from her that has helped me to sing a healthy way and not damage my voice. Carrie has also helped me grow out of my shell and feel comfortable performing in front of audiences. I also know know how to warm up my voice on my own. I love you Carrie! You're the best!" - Andrea Wills, Singer and Student, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you for investing your time and talents into our daughter. You are very appreciated and we are excited to see what the new year brings for all of us!" - Rhea Manning, Canon City, CO

"Thank you for all of your help and support of Olivia's singing. We really appreciate you!" - Mike and Lorrie Jacobson, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you so much for all you have taught me and your help with my voice throughout my high school years. I have learned so much and I love taking voice lessons from you! I wouldn’t be where I am now without you." - Abby Wilkinson, Singer and Student, Colorado Springs, CO

"This experience has been amazing. I am so glad that I decided to take voice lessons. My voice has improved so much because of you and I am very grateful because of it. I am also happy that I got to know you as a person. You always put a smile on my face no matter how bad of a day I had. Thank you!" - Justin Netterville, Actor and Model, Los Angeles, CA

"I have a younger sister who lives in Washington, but she visits with me often. She is an avid singer and very passionate about pursuing singing as one of her future goals. I scoured the internet for a professional vocal coach and found Carrie. She promptly returned my phone call and we immediately set up lessons for my little sister. Carrie has helped my sister see her full potential and my sister loves seeing her every time she is here in Colorado . You know you have an amazing teacher when you're visiting sister begs to see her every time she's in town! Carrie is professional and is a great asset to my sister's future. My sister leaves each lesson with more confidence and she values the advice and guidance that Carrie gives her. We are looking forward to future lessons with Carrie." - Aline Bagdon, Colorado Springs, CO

"I just need you to know what a bright light you've been to my daughter. Your encouragement and kindness has made such a difference. You are a blessing to all you teach! Emma has been so blessed to have you as a vocal coach. Can you believe she started with you when she was 11? She has learned so much from you technically-speaking, but Carrie, you have also given her such confidence and have encouraged her to pursue her dreams. As a Mom, I couldn't ask for a kinder, more talented person than you in my daughter's life. Thank you so much!" - Natasha Sansoni, Colorado Springs, CO

"Carrie is an awesome vocal coach! She is a warm person, easy to talk to and she listened to my needs to cater her teaching to help me with my skills. As a result, I became more confident at auditions and I couldn't have done it without her." - Jamie Patterson, United States Air Force, San Diego, CA

"Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I have learned so much from you and love coming to lessons!" - Emma Sansoni, Singer and High School Student, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you so much for being such a wonderful vocal teacher to my girls. Every week you go above and beyond your call of duty to train, encourage and bring out the best in them. You are a blessing." - Brenda Bradford, Musician, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you for everything you do! I am blessed to have you in my life." - McKenna Abercrombie, Singer and Medical Student, Colorado Springs, CO

"The greatest thing about the voice lessons with Carrie is that she doesn't just help you improve your singing and performing skills, it's always a lot of fun, too! I miss singing with you, Carrie! Thank you for all the good times we had and thank you for becoming my first friend in a strange and confusing country." - Christine Blum, Regensburg, Germany

"Thank you for all that you give. You are truly an amazing woman and a great voice teacher. Thank you for your bright eyes and smile, you really make a difference in this world." - Rai and Heather Henniger & family, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you so much for all the work with her. My daughter has improved so much since being with you! We adore you. You are amazing and such a blessing to us. Thanks for all you do." - Tiffany Carnesi Carroll, Colorado Springs, CO

"Carrie is a wonderful voice coach! She is very good at what she does. She works with her students to help them develop their talent and leads them along at the best pace for their age and ability. My daughter started at a very young age with her and she was very careful to preserve her vocal cords. This proves she does what she does for the love of singing and that she really cares about her students!" - Sandy Johnston, Colorado Springs, CO

"Carrie has given my daughter the confidence to know she has the ability to sing, and for that I am grateful! In the year that Erin has been in lessons with Carrie, her voice has matured and strengthened. A few years ago, her voice was beautiful. After this time with Carrie, her singing brings tears to my eyes (in a good way). I wish I could put all that I am thankful for with you into words, but it is not possible. I am forever thankful for all that Carrie has done for my daughter." - Jeanne Davis, Colorado Springs, CO

"Singing was always something I've loved but was never very good at (and that's an understatement!). That's why I'm so glad I found Carrie. Not only does she know how to sing beautifully, she also knows how to teach. I very much looked forward to each lesson. They were fun and informative, and I became a better singer than I ever hoped possible. I would recommend her to anyone looking for voice lessons." - Jessica Manseau Pedersen, Author, Singer, Colorado Springs, CO

"I’m not sure that I can explain to you how much my voice lessons have meant to me. You are so talented and such a good teacher. I think that it’s one thing to have such a talent, but another thing entirely to teach it." - Pat B., Colorado Springs, CO

"Carrie is an absolute doll and the best voice teacher we have ever had. My daughter has learned so much, but even more importantly, she is gaining confidence in her own abilities because of Carrie's support and encouragement. As a teacher, Carrie cares about each student - she understands their weaknesses and helps them take their music to a higher level. As a professional, Carrie is a talented singer who has had a very successful career. She truly knows the business and can share those experiences with her students. Her passion for singing and for teaching are a huge inspiration. We are so lucky to have found her!" - Linda Asselin, Colorado Springs, CO