Carrie Jachnuk-Hargraves, MA
Voice Teacher
Colorado Springs, CO  (719) 531-0056


Carrie Jachnuk-Hargraves, a prominent Voice Teacher for over 17 years in Colorado Springs, CO, is located in the northeast area of town. She welcomes new students at all levels of ability, year-round. During private instruction, singing lessons focus on improving and developing the voice using a solid and healthy technique. Emphasis is placed on breath control, building abdominal support, forward placement, increasing range and improving pitch. Additionally, Carrie focuses on audition skills, acting exercises, helping students build confidence, as well as coping with performance anxiety.


35 minutes

There is no monthly obligation.  Students pay per lesson and may schedule weekly or bi-weekly singing lessons on a regular basis.  Please call Carrie at (719) 531-0056 (landline, please do not text) or email if you would like more information and/or to schedule a voice lesson.



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Love Changes Everything
(by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Aspects Of Love)

I Dreamed A Dream
(by Schonberg, Boublil and Kretzmer,
Les Miserables)

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